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Is an integrated filtration engineering company manufacturing a broad spectrum of industrial  filters that perform key roles   in  numerous diverse industries.



As science and technology make exponential advances to even more sophisticated levels and as information technology becomes a sector of extreme importance, Fuji Filter is in the front line of new technology supporting industry in many vital areas. However, all companies must conform to the rapid changes, innovations and exciting breakthroughs we are constantly confronted with. The tremendous advances occurring in filter research, development and manufacturing also reflect the changes in the times, and drawing on our extensive array of leading edge technology, know-how and information, we aim to create new values for society. We believe that the starting point for the creation of new filters should be through proactive joint consultation and research with the users. 




This concept leads to the production of higher quality filters and so to the creation of a divers range of useful products helping to ensure a more rewarding lifestyle. Fuji Filter uses the vast reserves of experience it has gained over the years in its ceaseless drive to incorporate new and better ideas into its products in the process of solving the diverse problems presented by the production processes it serves.



However, the role of filtration technology is not limited to overcoming technical difficulties, it must also contribute to the healthy development of industry in general and provide society with really useful and effective products.Fuji Filter is committed to supporting industry as it moves forward to realize a more rewarding future.