About Us


Currently , UDM is known  as one of the local respected industrial trading company which had served a wide range of Customers.

To enhance our services to Our customers , We had spinned off  few prospective product  from UDM to become an independent Company as below :

- PT. Delta Graha Systemnido , www.dgs-delta.co.id

- PT. Indoscada Perkasa Jaya , www.indoscada.co.id

- PT. Tokyo Keiso Indonesia , www.tokyokeiso.co.id

- PT. Sarana Dinamika Perkasa , www.saranadinamika.co.id


Our Vision:

To become the leading company in providing the best service to the oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical, oleochemical, power plant, and mining industry for procurement, maintenance, repair, and fabrication.


Our Mission:

- Enhance the quality of human resources, becoming more tough and experienced.

- Improving work productivity and efficiency

- Increasing the knowledge of Information Technologies

- Establishing a good management system